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Getting Crafty! Decorative Mask Making

In this little lesson, we'll make decorative masks.

You will need:

* paper plate (the super plain, thin ones work great! you can also use paper bag, construction paper, cardstock, whatever you have available. If you're using a very thin paper, consider gluing two sheets together to give it some added sturdiness)

* glue (glue stick, tacky glue, white glue, hot glue ... use what you have)

* scissors and/or x-acto knife

* string or ribbon

* papers to cut up (consider using some of papers you painted on in earlier lessons if you like; construction paper, junk mail, whatever you have)

* stapler (if you don't have a stapler, you can use glue or tape - just add a paper clip, paper clamp, chip clip or clothespin to your tools to help hold your work in place while it dries)

* hole punch (if you don't have that, you can use scissors)

* markers, paint, crayon, whatever you want to use to decorate your mask

* Optional: tape, fabric, sequins, buttons, craft foam - anything you'd like to use to create your crafty mask!

Prepare your space:

* cover your work area

* lay out your materials so they are within reach

* keep drinking water nearby

* music? light? whatever makes it your ideal creative workspace, do that!

The work:

* get your paper plate, or if you are using other paper, cut it to the shape you'd like: hold the mask paper in front of your face and point to where your eyes are.

* mark two lines where the eyes should be cut

* cut or make openings for the eyes, then cut them as you like

* cut a mouth and nose opening

* add embellishments! go all out with your imagination!

* when you are ready, snip a line about 2 inches in on the top, bottom, and each side of your mask. Overlap those pieces in a triangular shape and staple them (or use glue or tape!)

* when you are ready, poke holes on each side and tie a string or ribbon through each.


* try making a half mask!

* experiment with different basic mask shapes and sizes

Dig in to contemporary artists use of and explorations with masks:

* look at the stunning works of Nick Cave

* explore the masks of Ahaad Al Amoudi

* check out the work of the Guerrilla Girls

Have Fun! Be kind to yourself and each other.

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