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Gratitude Cards

Hello! It's been a while since my last post. Life and such.

In this quick lesson, we're going to make gratitude tags or cards.

You will need:

* something to write with (pen, crayon, marker, gel pen, whatever works for you!)

* variety of papers to cut up - use colorful sketches, practice paper, old artworks/marked up pages, junkmail, you get the idea

* glue (glue stick works great! but use whatever you have!)

* plain paper (I used white notecard paper in the video, then played around with some darker paper and gel pens on my own - experiment!)

* scissors and/or a paper cutter

* string (this is optional)

* embellishment materials if you'd like ... glitter glue? small shaped papers? stamps? markers?? whatever you'd like

Prepare your space:

* cover your work area

* keep drinking water nearby

* music? light? whatever makes it your ideal creative workspace, do that!

The work:


* prepare your decorative paper by cutting it down to tag/card size (2ish x 3ish inches? 4ish-5ish inches? there are no rules here, unless you make them!)

* cut your plain color paper so it is large enough to write a gratitude on, but small enough that it is smaller than your cards and when glued down the card will still show around it.

* cut string if you'd like to make a hanging card or tag


* put glue on one piece of paper, and lay your folded in half string on it

* put glue on the other piece of paper and glue the two together, sandwiching the string

* write a gratitude on a plain piece of paper, glue it onto the tag. Do the same on the other side of the tag, if you'd like

* embellish! or don't! do what makes you happy!


* make a garland of gratitude - instead of doubling your string inside one tag, lay cards out a and glue one long piece of string to them, then glue another card on top of each of the first ones to sandwich the string

* make a garland with hanging tags?!

* hang them around your town, home, village, neighborhood

* share them with friends and strangers

Have Fun! Be kind to yourself and each other.

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