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Wax Resist and Secret Messages

Today we're going to play with wax resist!

You will need:

* crayon

* watercolor (pan, liquid, whatever you have)

* paintbrush

* water cup with clean water

* rag

* spray bottle with clean water, or second water cup with clean water (or a wet sponge)

* paper (watercolor paper works really well, any thick paper works, printer paper can work but will get wrinkly)

Prepare your space:

* cover your work area

* have several pieces of paper ready to work with

* keep drinking water nearby

* be sure your crayons, paints, rag, water, and brush are within reach

* music? light? whatever makes it your ideal creative workspace, do that!

The work:

* draw with crayon on your paper.

* wet your paints (if you are working with dry paint)

* spritz (or drag clean water with your brush, or dab with wet sponge) your paper

* paint over the crayon


* try writing on white paper with a white crayon, share with a friend and have them paint over to reveal a secret message!

* send a drawing to a friend to paint on

* play with warm/cool colors

* this is a really fun one for ocean or other underwater artworks

Have Fun! Be kind to yourself and each other.

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