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Today, we'll make our own art game. You can play these solo or in groups, it's easy to do over zoom or FaceTime too!

You will need:

* something to draw with (marker, pen, crayon - I recommend something you cannot erase)

* something to draw on (paper, cardboard, whatever you have handy that works with your mark maker!)

* optional: print out table provided below

* ruler (if drawing your own table to fill in)

* die (or a spinner from another game, or whatever you have to work with for selecting random numbers!)

Roll it Arts Blank
Download PDF • 19KB

Prepare your space:

* cover your work area if you'd like

* have several pieces of paper ready to work with, have the table ready if you are using the print out

* marker, ruler if you're using one (if you're making your own table and don't have a ruler, use another piece of paper or cardboard as a straight edge)

* die or spinner or whatever you're using to select numbers

* keep drinking water nearby

* music? light? whatever makes it your ideal creative workspace, do that!

The work:

* draw or print out a table - 6columns x 6rows

* optional: draw dots or colors to correspond to your die or spinner in the first column

* decide what your roll-it theme is, and begin!

* fill in each cell with a line, shape, color, or symbol that works for your game

* play it!


* try creating roll-it-art games based on artist or art movement styles

* try a game made of all colors

* make a book or comic using multiple roll-it drawings (all drawn by you, or make a family/friends collaboration!)

* share your game, share your art!

Have Fun! Be kind to yourself and each other.

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