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preparing your creative space (inside and out)

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

some tips for setting up:

- review the suggested tools and materials for the project, then collect what you need

- keep it simple! take out only the tools and materials you need for the project

- cover your work area

- place the tools and materials within reach

- keep water for drinking within reach

- if you are working together, be sure you each have space to work comfortably

- keep rags, water, recycle bin nearby as needed for each project

when you are ready to start a video lesson:

- set your device up in a way it won't get paint or other messy materials on it

- remember to pause the video at any time so you can work at your own pace

preparing your body, heart, and mind:

- there's no right or wrong way to do these lessons: as long as you are respecting yourself, each other, the space, the tools and materials, just go with your own creative flow! If you are inspired to move in a different direction with your work, do that!

- breathe. relax into your workspace. let go of any notions of Should, and embrace the creative places you discover as you go

- remember, some of the most beautiful and important discoveries are the result of mistakes! embrace mistakes, take creative risks, encourage each other and yourself.

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