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Paper Arts: Simple Folded Frame

Paper folding! I love this simple design that has many ways to make the design more complex. These frames are lovely for holding photos, little artworks, quotes, and poems. We are making a bunch and hanging them on the tree in front of our house for neighbors to take. What will you do with yours?

You will need:

* paper

*squares (you may use origami paper or scrapbooking papers which are already in squares, or any paper you cut into squares) I encourage you to try a variety of sizes. AND/OR

*rectangle papers (remember all those papers you painted, stamped, and did texture rubbings on? This is a great time to pull those out!)

* if you are starting with a rectangle of paper and cutting it down to squares, you may want one of these, though not required:

* ruler or other straight edge

* scissors

* paper cutter

*Optional Additional Supplies:

* bone folder or popsicle stick for making sharpest creases (not necessary to have these tools, just if you want or need them)

* glue stick (sometimes a dab of glue is helpful for holding down folds)

* magnets and glue (unless they are self adhesive)

* hole punch and string

Prepare your space:

* clear your work area if needed (I always need to start with clearing off my busy table!)

* have several pieces of paper ready to work with

* if you are cutting down rectangular papers, have a straight edge or scissors handy if you are planning to use them

* keep drinking water nearby

* music? light? whatever makes it your ideal creative workspace, do that!

The work:

* Begin with your square of paper in front of you, color side down

* fold in half into a rectangle, crease well

* open paper, keep color side down, and fold the opposite direction to make another rectangle

* open paper, keep color side down, fold each corner into the center

* turn paper over and fold each corner to the center again

* turn BACK over and fold each corner up.

* This is your frame! You may want to tuck those last triangle folds under and into the pocket beneath them.


* play with different ways to fold those final triangles to make your frame interesting

* play with opening and reversing folds to change the frame design

* place a magnet on the back of your frame

* put a hole in one corner and make it an ornament or hanging art piece

Have Fun! Be kind to yourself and each other.

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