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Doodling: It all started with a doodle!

You will need:

* something to draw with (marker, pen, crayon - I recommend something you cannot erase)

* something to draw on (paper, cardboard, whatever you have handy that works with your mark maker!)

* something to color with (marker, color pencil, crayon, watercolor - whatever works for you)

Prepare your space:

* cover your work area

* have several pieces of paper ready to work with

* keep drinking water nearby

* be sure your mark-maker works and your coloring materials are within reach

* if you are using a starting doodle that you need to print out, do that

* music? light? whatever makes it your ideal creative workspace, do that!

The work:

* we will create our own non-sensical (or sensical, you do you!) drawings, starting with a doodle

* we will look at our work and decide what color to add where ... or, don't think about it at all and just start coloring!

(I colored my catbird on top of my sleepyzzzz doodle-draw - oops!)


* work with a group, in person or virtually. give each other starting doodle lines. or! use copies of the same doodle, then share your finished artworks and see how different they all are. we all see the world so differently

* fill some spaces with color, fill some with patterns and designs

* add text to your piece

* look at the art of: Paul Klee, Basquiat, Visoth Kakvei, Hattie Stewart, Jon Burgerman, Kerby Rosanes, Sagaki Keita, Keith Haring.

I'd love to see pics of your work, if you'd like to share it!

Also - if there are any art things you'd like me to make a post about, please let me know. I'll do what I can!

Have Fun! Be kind to yourself and each other.

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